Meso Vytal – Artech Cosmetics

Meso Vytal is an innovative cell rejuvenation treatment that enhances the skin’s beautiful and healthy features. In its basic form, it is a digital skin needling technique that uses special needles and synthesized hyaluronic acids. While Meso Vytal may be similar to skin micro pigmentation, it is however different in many ways.

In our beauty salons, it works similar to a skin stimulant which starts to improve texture, and helps the skin in producing its own collagen and vital nutrients. Our Meso Vytal techniques deliver vital anti-aging substances between the epidermis and the dermis, where the skin suffers tremendously. To add more, for this precise treatment, patience is indeed a virtue. As expected, it is not the type of treatment that will show immediate results, mainly due to the fact that the cells need time to heal and reproduce. We advise our clients to wait at least 3 months before significant results appear.

Ladies, consider that Meso Vytal will help rejuvenate the skin from the inside, making this beauty therapy worth the wait.

Compared to other skin treatments, the Meso Vytal is 100% pain and risk free. Furthermore, as opposed to Botox treatments, it will not have negative effects on your muscles or nerve system.

As a matter of fact, the whole idea of Meso Vytal is to naturally help rejuvenate the skin.

Tired skin cells will start to regenerate without any risk, as the perfected needle-pillow of the Meso Vytal does not take effect on the upper layer of the skin. Our customers never complain having to suffer through wound healing phases or prolonged skin redness.

Tip! Skin areas that can be treated using the Meso Vytal Treatment

  • The face
  • The cleavage
  • Backs of hands
  • The neck

Various Types of MESO Vytal Treatment

meso-page3There are several types of MESO Vytal treatments that our clients use and trust, so here is what we recommend:
The MESO Vytal Fresh

Our Meso Vytal Fresh treatment consists of an interesting mix of substances such as vitamins, amino-acids and Q10 which are quickly delivered to the skin. It is usually recommended for young clients who wish to freshen up their look.

The Meso Vytal Pure

Adult and mature clients will benefit the most from this technique, as it has the power to enhance dry and dehydrated skin. The composition of the Meso Vytal Pure treatment consists of soybeans, yams and amino-acids that rejuvenate the inner layers of the skin. We like to think of it as the spa treatment for skin, mainly due to reasons such as activating the skin’s metabolism and removing dead cells in no time. It is a fabulous treatment for people who truly care about their skin.
The MESO Vytal Med

Probably the most popular technique, the Meso Vytal Med helps in reducing wrinkles, while constantly stimulating collagen production. The hyaluronic substances and peptides work wonders on tired skin, due to the fact that it stimulates lifting and interferes with the formation of wrinkles. We have one more soldier to defend us against unsolicited aging effects.